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We have Farewell Art Exhibition before going back to Japan!
Blockley St. George's Hall GL56 9BY, Sunday 16th October 2016, 1:30-6:00pm(extended!). All welcome, Please join us with friends, family!!! homephone:01386 700440

I live in England, north Cotswolds, Blockley, Gloucestershire, UK

the last exhibition at hall in 2010

Be myself in scenery ...

When I’m painting and looking at scenery and nature, I feel the strength of existence. When I’m drawing, feeling the colour of beauty and the profoundness of air, I feel as if my world is being greatly improved and enhanced by the natural world. I believe that nature is essential for humans to have a beautiful mind. I always approach the natural world with a sincere and great respect. Through my work, I have learnt to communicate with objects, love them deeply, and change myself through contemplation of them. The two years I spent painting in Spain have had a profound impact on the work I have produced in Japan. I am more sensitive to the beauty of the unique moist and soft light of Japan's wood culture. I treasure the warmth of the landscape and my mind finds peace in contemplating it. I want my works to generate this feeling of peace in those who view it. I would like them to feel as if they are actually in the landscape.